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Aluminum Framing

Curve Conveyors for Nearly Every Industry

Curve Belt Conveyor

mk North America offers a wide range of curve conveyors for nearly every application in almost every industry. These conveyors range from simple stand-alone curves to long expansive systems that change elevation. In this blog post we will explore what makes the various types of curve conveyors unique and how to best select a curve conveyor for your application.

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Conveyor and Linear Motion Systems

Two table top chain conveyors with linear modules for adjusting width and side rails

Linear positioning systems and conveyors each have their own unique, yet complimentary, functions in industrial automation. Often these two pieces of equipment are stand-alone solutions. But when you combine the two – conveyors and linear positioning system – a truly unique, one-of-a-kind solution, emerges, harnessing the power of each module into a powerful, versatile, material handling solution.

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Conveyor Supports and Side Rails

Gravity roller conveyor carrying plastic tote

Some things are meant to go together, and that is true for mk’s aluminum conveyors and t-slot aluminum framing. In fact, mk’s conveyor supports and guide rails are designed and built using mk’s very own line of profile and components. And because of this, that means conveyor stands and side rails are not limited to those shown in the catalog. Continue reading to learn more about this unique mk advantage.

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Guarding Equipment For Conveyor Systems

If conveyors are the backbone of the modern automated manufacturing and assembly facilities, then guards are the skin. Guards keep everything safe, containing potentially hazardous robots, presses, indexers, feeders, welders, grinders, and conveyors away from human operators. They surround and protect everything.

So why take a chance and order guards separate from your conveyors? When you work with mk North America, you do not have to. Continue reading to learn about the various types of conveyor and guarding solutions that are possible.

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