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Flexible Chain Conveyor

Revolutionizing Efficiency: Top Five Upcoming Changes in the Conveyor Industry

The conveyor industry, a crucial player in various sectors, is on the brink of transformation. Technological advancements, sustainability concerns, and the demand for increased efficiency while maintaining quality are driving changes that promise to reshape the landscape of conveyor systems. In this blog post, we will explore the top five upcoming changes that are set to revolutionize the conveyor industry.

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Conveyors: Stock or Build-to-Order

Should I buy a custom conveyor, or a pre-built one?

Sometimes in life, you’re able to just go to the store to buy the perfect part you need for your DIY project. Other times, no matter how hard you scour stores both online and in person, that very same part eludes you. Sure, you COULD use a “good enough” replacement part, but it might fail quicker or run less efficiently than if you found the perfect fit.

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The Wonderful World of Alpine Conveyors

What are Alpine Conveyors, and how can they help you?

Alpine conveyors are a stacking conveyor system whose shape almost resembles a snowy mountain. Their spiral shape allows them to fulfill many different purposes when it comes to manufacturing, but most importantly, they provide compact and efficient vertical mobility. Products are able to climb or descend the conveyor, which is able to only take up a small area, especially when compared to a traditional conveyor ramp. Each oval on the Alpine Conveyor has its own potential for customizability. With their compact size and various uses, an Alpine Conveyor might just be the right tool to fit your manufacturing arsenal!

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So That’s What That Means

You’re in the market for a dual-lane chain conveyor. And you contact mk North America, who quotes you a KTF-P 2010. Or saw you need a belt conveyor. A member of mk sales team reviews your application with you – looking at width and load in particular – in the end you are quoted a GUF-P 2041. In both scenarios you were quoted the best conveyor for your application. But you’re left wondering what exactly does “KTF-P 2010” or “GUF-P 2041” actually stand for? Continue reading to learn exactly that.

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