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mk's CleanMove Conveyors Make Ideal Egg Conveyor Systems

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Egg Conveyor from mk North America

According to statistics from the American Egg Board, per capita egg consumption in the United States is trending up. From 1998 to 2016, the egg consumption of the average American went up over 11%.

This trend, combined with increasing pressure from the market and regulatory agencies to move toward cage-free and bio-secure production practices, means that egg producers in America are being forced to adapt their facilities – and fast.

One of the most important components of any egg production outfit is its system of egg transport conveyors, which bring eggs from the hens throughout the facility: from collection and grading to sorting, packing, and shipping.

If you’re an egg producer and you’re looking for new egg conveyor systems to help meet the modern demands of the industry, mk North America’s CleanMove Ultra line of stainless steel conveyors has just the solutions you’re looking for.

Egg Conveyors from mk’s CleanMove Line of Stainless Steel Conveyors

In addition to the needs and requirements specific to the poultry industry, egg conveyors must conform to general regulations and best practices surrounding food processing and production. Among other things, this means they need to meet a minimum standard of sanitation.

mk North America’s CleanMove Ultra line of sanitary stainless steel conveyors provides the highest levels of sanitation and cleanability available, able to withstand the use of corrosive cleaners and high-pressure washdown, with special design meant to minimize the risk of bacterial growth.

CleanMove Ultra conveyors come in a variety of configurations for unmatched utility and versatility. Here are just some of the available configurations:

  • Inclined – The CIC-600 incline belt conveyor is designed for high-sanitary conditions, with a “goose-neck” frame perfect for carrying eggs up or down inclines.
  • Curved – The CRM-600 curved conveyor is ideal for going around corners or for facilities for space is at a premium.
  • Flat Belt – The CFB-600 sanitary conveyor features FDA-approved belting with a large collection of accessories including side rails and stands.

Other configurations and custom solutions are also available.

Specialty Belting for Egg Conveyor Systems

It goes without saying that eggs are a unique product for any conveyor to carry, and in addition to the right frames, egg conveyor systems need to have the right belting to carry this fragile, particularly-shaped product.

mk North America has partnerships with a variety of belting suppliers, and is capable of supplying specialty belting options suited for egg conveyor applications at every stage of the production and transport process.

Not sure exactly what kind of belting your application required? mk North America will work with you to review your needs and find the right conveyor belts for you.

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