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What is a Conveyor System?

In this post we will look at the fundamentals of what a conveyor is and its basic components. We’ll also discuss what a conveyor system is, the various types of conveyors, and what universal benefits conveyors offer. Lastly, we’ll take a deep dive into how to choose the best conveyor solution. This is a more complete and in-depth review than an earlier post from 2017.

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Conveyor Systems from mk North America are Ideal for Assembly Line Automation

A conveyor system being used for automated assembly.

Ever since it was perfected by the Ford Motor Company in 1913 to produce the iconic Model T, conveyor-driven assembly has been the backbone of American manufacturing.

While much has changed since the first Model T rolled off of Ford’s assembly line, conveyors have remained a crucial part of manufacturing and the assembly process. As technology, market pressures, and more have evolved throughout the decades, conveyors have proved more than capable of keeping up.

With close to 30 years of history as a manufacturer of assembly conveyors and other material handling solutions for use in the automotive, electronics, machine building, manufacturing, and other industries, mk North America is on the cutting edge of modern assembly conveyor manufacturers.

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Compact Curved Belt Conveyors from mk Save Space

Conveyors used to transfer product around a corner while maintaining their leading edge are a staple in the material handling industry. Often times, the factory already has conveyors and processes in place when it is determined that a change is needed. This often results in limited space available for the “corner conveyor”.

Many curved conveyors in the industry feature a wide sweeping inner radii (greater than 24-inches), large cumbersome infeed and outfeed pulleys (greater than 2-inches), or require some sort of straight infeed or outfeed section (making the conveyor not a true corner piece).

This is not the case with the KGF-P 2040 curved belt conveyor from mk North America.

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Getting Started With Your Conveyor System – Handy Info to Have Ready

If you need a custom conveyor system for material handling, machine building, food and beverage processing, manufacturing, packaging, or other industrial applications, mk North America is the right conveyor manufacturer to make your needs into a reality. If you want your turnover time to be as fast and efficient as possible, it helps our engineers to have the following information ready so they can get right to work on your design.

mk - better products. better solutions.

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