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Plastic modular belt conveyor

mk North America Offers Curved Conveyors in 90 and 180 Degree Configurations

Curve belt conveyor from mk North America

Curve Conveyors for Flexible Layouts

Like many things in life, industrial material handling often has its share of twists and turns.

Modern manufacturing, food and beverage processing, packaging, and other industries which rely on conveyors, frequently require systems capable of accommodating tight curves — sometimes as much as 90 or even 180 degrees — in order to maximize the use of floor space and overall efficiency.

But designing and building these types of curved conveyors is easier said than done. Curved conveyors present a number of engineering challenges, and some manufacturers aren’t up to the task.

Fortunately, mk North America isn’t one of them. mk North America is a conveyor system manufacturer which offers a number of 90 and 180 degree curved conveyor solutions for a variety of applications, from sorting and packaging to manufacturing, assembly, and machine building.

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The Advantages of Modular Plastic Conveyor Belts from mk

Modular plastic conveyor belt from mk North America

If you’re in the market for a new belt conveyor system, you’ve got a lot to consider. One of the most important questions is what kind of belting to use. There are a number of different options when it comes to conveyor belts, and each has its own benefits for specific applications.

Some of the most common options are called modular plastic conveyor belts. As the name suggests, modular plastic conveyor belts are made with a series of several long, narrow modular plastic segments which are interlinked to form a continuous belt.

While this configuration may seem cumbersome at first, it offers a number of benefits over alternatives like standard flat belt conveyors. Keep reading to learn more.

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Flat Belt vs. Modular Plastic Conveyors

If you’re looking for a conveyor system for an industrial material handling application, you may be a bit daunted by all the different options you have available. Belts, chains, rollers, and more are all available, each with their own specific strengths and ideal uses. But how do you know which conveyor is right for you?

Modular Plastic and Flat Belt Conveyor systems

Two of the most widely-used and versatile conveyor systems are flat belt conveyors and modular plastic belt conveyors. For many average applications, one of these may well be your best option. Let’s take a look at the defining characteristics and advantages of each.

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Plastic Modular Belt Convyors from mk: MBF-P 2040 Conveyors

Plastic Modular Belt Conveyors from mk: MBF-P 2040 Conveyors

The MBF-P 2040 conveyor is a plastic modular belt conveyor. The belt is constructed out of plastic bricks that are hinged together with plastic rods. But what are the advantages to this belt style?

MBF-P 2040.02 Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor

Flat belts rely on the friction between the underside of the belt and the conveyor rollers in order to drive the system, whereas plastic modular belt (MBF) conveyors are positively driven. These drives are similar to a chain conveyor drive; the drive rolls on the MBF are a series of sprockets that interlock with the underside of the belt. This positive drive results in less belt maintenance (reduced time tracking and tensioning) and increased load carrying capacity. Furthermore, the standard flat belting size restrictions are eliminated. Gone is the need for the conveyor length to be 2 times the width. In fact, these conveyors can be sized square and wider than the length. Conveyor widths up to 10 feet are available, and virtually any width is possible – no standard widths to select from either.

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