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Industrial conveyor systems are crucially important for a wide variety of applications and industries. From packaging to printing, food and beverage processing, shipping, manufacturing and more, conveyors are the backbone of numerous industries the world over.

That’s why, for many businesses, finding the right conveyor system manufacturer is so vitally important. Finding and integrating the right conveyor system can be the difference between thriving in a changing marketplace and struggling to keep up.

If you’re looking for a conveyor supplier and manufacturer to meet the demands of your industry, mk North America has the team to call.

Specializing in belt conveyors and pallet conveyors made with versatile, cost-effective t-slot aluminum extrusions, mk also offers sanitary stainless steel conveyors, custom framing systems and factory equipment, and more.

Types of Conveyors Offered by mk North America
  • Belt Conveyor Systems: Belt conveyors carry materials using driven belting made of a variety of substances, including flexible fabric-like materials, linked hard plastic segments, and others. Certain specialty conveyor belts can allow for harsh environments, inclined configurations, and more.
  • Pallet Conveyor Systems: Whereas belt conveyors use driven flat or cleated belts to carry materials, pallet conveyors utilize workpiece pallets that can be precisely timed and positioned to meet the needs of finely detailed production lines and other applications.
  • Roller Conveyors: Roller conveyors use a series of rollers to move products and materials down the line. For basic models, rollers work simply with the force of gravity. Other systems may use chain drives or other motorized rollers.
  • Side Grip Conveyors: Sometimes known as side grip or side belt transfer conveyors, these conveyors grip materials such as bottles or other containers on each side, leaving top and bottom exposed for printing, coding, capping, and more.
  • Sanitary Washdown Conveyors: Available in a variety of configurations, these stainless steel conveyor systems are designed to withstand harsh sanitations requirements in applications such as food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical production, and other cleanroom environments.
  • Custom Conveyor Solutions: No matter what any particular application requires, if mk doesn’t offer a standard system to meet its needs, then a custom engineered conveyor solution can be created.

Each of mk’s conveyor systems are available with numerous accessories such as transfers, side rails, and more. Many conveyor systems feature unique modular design that allows for easy integration and reconfiguration.

About mk North America

Recognized as a worldwide leader in industrial conveyor systems and manufacturing, mk North America is a member of the mk Technology Group. Founded in 1988 as mk Profiles, mk was first known for aluminum framing and t-slot extrusions before expanding to became recognized as a conveyor manufacturer and supplier.

mk North America’s mission is to enhance the success of the businesses by providing cost-efficient conveying and aluminum framing solutions through innovative products and services. Every mk product is backed up by limited 10-year warranty.

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