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Flexible Chain Conveyors

Flexible Chain Conveyors for Moving Product in All Directions

VersaFlex flexible flat top chain conveyors come in a variety of different widths and can be configured to convey product in nearly every direction and orientation. These conveyors can be used to move product horizontally, around corners, up inclines or even vertically. Flexible chain conveyors can also be used in wedge conveyor and alpine conveyor configurations.

Flexible Chain Conveyors for Parts Handling

VersaFlex flexible table top chain conveyors are ideal for parts handling – they can convey parts between different elevations, around corners. They can index or accumulate product. They can convey product vertically and horizontally. The uses for VersaFlex flexible table top chain conveyors is nearly endless. 

Configuration Examples for VersaFlex Conveyors

Horizontal   Incline        
Vertical   Wedge        
Alpine   Recirculating        


Benefits for VersaFlex Flexible Chain Conveyors

  • Low maintenance
  • Saves floor space
  • Simple and fast configuration
  • Modular system of standard components
  • Conserves energy - long runs with a single motor possible
  • Side-flexing plastic chain allows for horizontal turns and elevation changes in a single continuous run

Not sure which flexible chain conveyor is right for your needs?

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