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Optimizing Your Manufacturing

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Manufacturing companies contributed $2.17 trillion to the U.S. economy according to the most recent annual data. Manufacturers, of which 98.6 percent qualify as small businesses, have become more agile, more productive and leaner in recent years. These advances have reduced both time to market and labor costs. Factory automation has been a key driver behind many of these improvements, and pallet conveyor systems continue to be a crucial component for virtually every manufacturer seeking to improve efficiencies, agility and profits.

Pallet Conveyors Allow Manufacturers to Adapt

A pallet conveyor system transfers materials and work in process from one point of the production line to another. Those items may be heavy, bulky and hard to handle manually, or small, lightweight and delicate. Pallets typically range from a around 10 x 10 inches to nearly 48 x 48 inches. They are capable of carrying loads weighing a pound or less, and up to several hundred pounds per pallet. Because conveyor systems are designed as modular components (or modules) that are easily joined together, moving items long distances, changing elevations and around corners can be accomplished easily

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