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Part of the Solution: Meet Bob

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mk North America believes in offering not only a better product, but also a better solution; and our employees are an integral part of this belief. These are some of the faces that are Part of the Solution – making your next conveyor system a success.

Continue reading to learn how Bob is Part of the mk Solution. 

Meet Bob

Bob began his tenure with mk in January 2018; having worked in the profession of industrial automation for many years before that. Bob’s current position with mk is that of  Application Engineer for the sales team. I asked Bob to describe his position at mk; and this is what he had to say: “I work out the best solution for our customers’ needs, I do this by experience and by inviting the opinions of my colleagues and our engineers. The best way for me to find what is best for the project is to get the customers layout and fully understand the process of the product being transported…once I have that then I draw an AutoCAD 2D layout of our conveyors in the customers layout. From there the customer, our sales rep and I can have a roundtable discussion so we can all see and understand what I’m presenting.”

Bob then continued, “I love to impress the customers with an AutoCAD drawing of the proposed project, it gives our company a better opportunity to win over the customer…whether it’s a single conveyor or a slew of them, it excites me to think the customer appreciates the extra effort.”

Bob was nominated for this employee spotlight by his supervisor, Scott Blais, Jr. who clearly values Bob as an asset to the sales team and mk’s customers. 

“Bob brings a great deal of experience to our applications team and is an asset for our customers and his co-workers alike. He does whatever is asked of him on a routine basis for the greater good of the sales team. He is a fantastic leader and mentor for our group and is a valuable and respected member of our ever-growing sales force. Thank you, Bob, for all that you continue to do for this company.” says Scott.

When asked what he would tell future employees, Bob replied “My advice to the new employees especially the younger ones…learn about how a product is completed from start to finish. From the carton formers to the baggers, through metal detection…and so on. Learn about the different companies that offer all these integrated machines, get to know your competitors, learn that they are not the enemy but someone you can learn from. Go to some of these trade shows and look at some of the wide range of opportunities and how other companies are doing things.”

When asked what Bob would like to tell our customers and future customers he replied, “My advice to our customers…you can choose any company to supply your equipment, I would advise them to thoroughly search through our capabilities and especially our quality…mk North America is truly a very high quality, detailed oriented company.”

Thanks for all your words of advice Bob. It is clear how employees like you are part of the mk difference. 

The mk Difference

mk’s President, Andreas Haussmann, often refers to the individuals that work at mk as “the difference” – the reason mk is becoming a premiere conveyor system manufacturer. “At mk North America,” says Andreas “we believe that our people make the difference. It's their ingenuity, their passion and their dedication that make mk stand out, as the leading manufacturer of standard and custom material handling solutions”.

If you are in the market for a conveyor system that meets your unique needs, then look no further than mk North America. We are the company that provides custom solutions for your unique application. mk North America, better products, better solutions – all because of team members like Bob.

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