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Part of the Solution: Meet Jeff

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Jeff Hockenberry

mk North America believes in offering not only a better product, but also a better solution; and our employees are an integral part of this belief. These are some of the faces that are Part of the Solution – making your next conveyor system a success.

Continue reading to learn how Jeff is Part of the mk Solution.

Meet Jeff

Jeff began his tenure with mk North America just about two-years ago, in September 2021; as an Inside Sales Associate (ISA).

In his role as an ISA, Jeff is a vital member of the sales team that helps fulfill customer quote requests (RFQ) within the aluminum conveyor product line. When an RFQ is received Jeff will work with the customer to determine the best conveyor for the application, based on the customer’s specific needs. Once the platform is chosen, he then configures, and prices the required conveyor model(s) based on the specifications and requirements given in the customer’s RFQ. The final step of the process is to create a proposal. Once the customer receives the proposal, we will often hear the customer’s feedback and make any necessary revisions to the conveyors and/or layout.

The customer, in particular the relationship with each individual customer, is important to Jeff. During our interview, Jeff noted that “mk values customer service and support no matter the size of the company or the size of the application. We will always put our best foot forward to ensure we deliver a quality product with the best assistance in any situation.”

It is this dedication to the customer and the company that has made Jeff stand out for his supervisor, Scott Blais, Jr., Sales & Business Development Manager. Scott recently said of Jeff: "He (Jeff) consistently does the best he can for the customer, the project at hand, and the company. He has done a great job of progressing within his role at mk, and I am confident will continue to have a lot of success moving forward. His willingness to go the extra mile and accept new challenges has made him a key member of our sales and applications team."

I asked Jeff about what motivated him at work, aside from his obvious dedication to the customer. To this, Jeff replied, “The exciting part about my current role is that every day is an opportunity to work with different applications and platform of our offerings. This brings opportunities for learning and growth of knowledge in the automation industry."

Jeff is a shining example of how mk employees make the difference. 

The mk Difference

mk’s President, Andreas Haussmann, often refers to the individuals that work at mk as “the difference” – the reason mk is becoming a premiere conveyor system manufacturer. “At mk North America,” says Andreas “we believe that our people make the difference. It's their ingenuity, their passion and their dedication that make mk stand out, as the leading manufacturer of standard and custom material handling solutions”.

If you are in the market for a conveyor system that meets your unique needs, then look no further than mk North America. We are the company that provides custom solutions for your unique application. mk North America, better products, better solutions – all because of team members like Jeff.

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